When it comes to representing your team, it’s no longer acceptable to limit your fan fashion to the two-legged members of the family. Dogs (or most dogs, shall we say) want in on the jersey action, and owners are willing to spend to make sure their pets dress to impress. In 2015, consumers spent an estimated $14.2 billion on pet gear and that number is expected to increase by five percent this year, according to the American Pet Product Association. Although dressing up the dog (and the occasional cat) in gear from the owner’s favorite team has been around for almost 15 years, the trend shows no sign of a final quarter, according to Jason Nagnicari, manager of the drop-ship program for Doggie Nation, an official, league-licensed retailer. “I see this trend staying where it is,” Nagnicari says. “There is no reason for it to go downhill from here.” He says that the most popular league among customers is the NFL — specifically the headline-dominating teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, and most recently, the Seattle Seahawks. If that sounds appealing to you and your canine, consider the following websites, which offer a variety of professional and collegiate sportswear and accessories for pooches.

Our Readers’ Irresistibly Cute Dogs in Pet Gear



Doggie Nation
This company partners with an officially licensed manufacturer and some high-powered retailers such as Amazon. It also delivers a wide variety of options, including jerseys from college sports to the professional leagues and fantasy sports. Expect to pay $30 for a jersey.

Pet Sports Gear
Similar to Doggie Nation, Pet Sports Gear is also licensed by the major leagues to sell apparel for puppies. If your dog isn’t about that dressing-up life, toss around a football plush toy with your favorite team’s logo or serve game-day treats in food bowls that sport your team’s colors and logo. A stainless steel Seattle Seahawks bowl, for example, costs $15.

Dog Gone Sports
If you want your dog to slay, then consider a customized option that features your dog’s name on his/her jersey. Dog Gone Sports is an officially licensed website that allows you customize your dog’s looks for less than $30.

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